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"It's so nice to find a site that teaches ways to prepare for the unexpected, without the ramblings of end-times nuts or paramilitary survivalist whackos"
--Email From A Reader

Alpha/Rubicon is Proud to be a supplier of Training Literature to The United States Military, U.S. and Canadian Government Agencies, NATO Allies, and Disaster Relief Organizations around the world!

"Every Year, We Meet In A Remote Field Somewhere, And Build An Entire Community..."

"Think of [Alpha/Rubicon] as the 'MythBusters' of the preparedness community"
--Debra, For Claire Wolfe


Member of:
National Association For Search And Rescue
Rubicon Search And Rescue (RSAR)

Special Kudos to Rubicon Member's that Provided Safety Control, Under Capitol Police, during The Second "Gathering Of Eagles" Event in Washington DC

Have A Plan
It's All About Personal Responsibility.
Get off your duff and get out and PRACTICE!!
We must prepare for the worst and work for the best.
What are YOU doing for your community?

"Think of [Alpha/Rubicon] as the 'MythBusters' of the survivalist community"
Debra, For Claire Wolfe

Our Information comes from Experience, We Test Everything Possible! We don't "Guess", we don't say "I think", or "Everyone Knows"..
MUCH of what is being touted as "Survival info" on the web is FLAWED information and wishful thinking. Get the FACTS!


BTW, The End Of the World is NOT coming
(But Disasters and MAJOR Civil Disruptions Still Happen. Are You Ready? Prepare, But Be Sensible About It.
When pressured to buy a product, keep your hand FIRMLY on your wallet!)

For Covid-19, H1N1, and H5N1 Protection Ideas, Click

Do you have a vague plan to pack a "Bug Out Bag" and "Head for the Hills"? It Just Doesn't Work!
A person that "Bugs out" with No Pre-stocked place to go is called a "Refugee"

Our Site is Kept SIMPLE for Dial-Up Users, and for speed and reliability in case the net is jammed during an emergency and you need information.
Our Server is rated as one of the Fastest on the Web by Google.
We don't strive for "Flash", we strive for Reliability and PROVEN FACTS.
Our Servers stayed UP (and Fast) during 9/11 and our members were able to keep commo and info flowing.

You'll Never get Spam from us, we don't have to Spam for members.
When a Site's advertisers sell Hammers, the whole world looks like a nail
Which is why we also DO NOT accept advertising dollars.

This Public Area Is For BASIC Preparation ONLY.
The Rubicon Area Is For Much More Advanced, Long Term, Areas of Preparation.

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