*220 Volt, 4 Prong Plug Wiring*
By: Jaden
10 April 2008

Some 220 volts AC plugs have 4 prongs. This simply means there are two hot wires, one neutral and one ground. With the wire colors below-

Red and Black are hot
White is neutral
Green is ground
The black and red will each carry 110 volts. The load (tool, appliance or whatever) uses 110 volts from each wire and therefore is 220 volts.

Notice on the prongs that the bottom one has a 90-degree bend inward. Thatís the ground. Directly across from it is the neutral. The two prongs on the sides are the hots. It really doesnít matter which one the black and red go to. The load will see it as the same.

(NOTE) Remember to slide the housing on the wire before attaching the plug.


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