*220 VAC To 110 VAC Distribution Point*
By: Jaden
21 May 2008

I scrapped this outlet bank from a junk UPS unit. The two outlets to the left are in parallel while the two on the right are not connected in parallel. They are protected with 15 amp push button circuit breakers.

I figured this could be transformed in to a power point for a 220VAC generator plug. The two bonded outlets can go on one 110 VAC leg and the other two can go to the other 110 VAC leg. Now the two left ones will be in parallel and also the two right ones will be in parallel. This would be excellent for an IC or other Rubie event where a power plant is set up. 220 volts usually isn't needed at Rubie events so why not use it as 110?

The only problem with the existing way is the wires were connected using stab blocks, which I hate with a passion. There were no screw terminals on the outlets so I merely removed the old outlets, crap canned 'em and installed real outlets. They are wired the same.

Removing the old

The wires spin loosely with stab blocks

New outlets installed and mounted in plywood

The wooden box is held together with Liquid Nails and screws. The top is only screwed on to allow easy access inside. The bottom oversized to keep the box from tipping over.

I used a short piece of 12/4 braided wire for flexibility. The outlet neutrals (white) are connected together to the power cord's white. The outlet's ground connects to the power cord's green. From here the red and black don't matter. Both will have 110VAC on them. I connected the black to the two bonded outlets HOT and the red to the two separate outlets which put them in parallel. Keep in mind that the outlets are first connected to a circuit breaker.

The plug is a 125/250 VAC 30 amp twist lock which mates up to the Coleman Powermate 6kW generators that many Rubies here have.

Sierra37 had the idea of a piece of rubber to help keep rain off the plugs. This "thing" was connected to the generator and each outlet tested with a belt sander and worked fine.


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