*Adjusting Oven Temperature*
By: Jaden
11 March 2005

Sometimes actual oven temperature can become un-calibrated with the dial. In our case, the real temp was 50 degrees hotter than what the dial said. You might notice this by food taking too long or not long enough to cook. The fix is usually pretty easy and is applicable on both gas & electric (ick) stoves.

Get an oven thermometer and put it in the oven. Turn the oven on and set to a temperature. I use 350F. Let it heat up. After a few minutes, check the thermometer. If it says 400, then you need to adjust the dial up.

Pull the knob off and look at the back of it. Youíll see a couple of screws and some simple, hard to understand adjustment directions. Iíll make it easy for you.

Loosen the screws, the dial and knob will now slide separately.

Looking at the knob like in the above pic, move the screws counterclockwise and tighten.

Same thing as before, except spin the screws clockwise.

Then put the knob back on and check the dial against the thermometer. This will tell you if you adjusted too much or not enough. Keep tweaking.

If you run into a predicament and canít adjust the dial far enough, donít worry. A simple modification and youíll be good to go.

Remove the screws and the knob and dial will separate. Then use a dremel tool or a razor knife (BE CAREFUL!!) to cut the grooves longer. You can see the dial below. If you look close, you can see where the top groove is deformed on the right and the bottom is deformed on the left. This is where I cut some plastic out.

There, put it back together and check against the thermometer again. Eventually youíll get an agreement.

Once I get the thing calibrated, I then crank the temp up to 450 and see if the oven warm up to and holds that temp. Iíve done this a couple of times at work on different ovens and it works fine.

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