*Alternate Cooking source*
By: Pyrotech
28 January 2006

How many of you have Electric ranges?

Do you have a way of cooking when the power goes out?

Several years back, I found a RV 4 burner stove top at an auction, it was converted to use a quick disconnect. I ended up buying it for $1 with the hose and regulator.

Its Ugly, but it works, itís a 4-burner stove top with out a pilot light. With what my average use was, roughly 2 hours per day. A 20 lb tank would last 6 months.

Recently I had to switch over to the new style of tank connecter, so this caused me to replace the disconnect fitting and hose, for a total cost of $55.

For under $60 dollars I have a source of backup cooking that I KNOW will work and have used it extensively over the years. And it has all new connections for the gas line, so I am assured of a good positive seal.

Best of all, I know I can use standard pots and pans and not have to worry about tipping.

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