*AA Battery Storage*
By: Hikage
11 November 2003

I use pieces of a bicycle innertube to store my batteries. I usually do this in sets of two AA's to each piece. Here are the steps I use:

1. Locate an innertube. (I keep one with my gear for various uses)

2. Stick two AA batteries in the end.

3. Slice the tube just after the two batteries.

4. Repeat until you're tired of it, or run out of batteries.

The most positive reason for this is re-use. I save these bands and put new batteries in them. It helps me organize my used and unused batteries. Try including a sandwich bag or ziploc bag in your gear to toss your used batteries into. The rubber pads the batteries from shock, and protects the contacts from external corrosion and from being shorted out.

I am using 26" mountain bike tubes. These are large enough for AA's, and probably others like 9 volts, though I have not tested this. Smaller tubes would work well for AAA's too.

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