*Built In, Alternate Power Outlets*
By: Jaden
12 August 2006

Before putting up new false walls in the main part of my house I decided itíd be the opportune time to install the alternate power outlets. All the wiring could be hidden.

I used single & double gang workboxes. One outlet is grid power the other solar power. Simply mark which is solar.

On the box below I didnít use the compression tabs, just simply screwed the box to the strapping. Iíll just have to space out the outlets a little bit when the sheetrock goes upÖnot a big deal.

A workbox is designed to go into an existing wall and be flush as youíll see below. Just need to make a few simple modifications for the false wall.


Youíll notice that the yellow wire has a couple of sharp bends in it. Knowing the FACTS that we do about EMP, we know that the EMP is traveling so fast that it canít turn sharp corners well. By having several sharp 90 corners in the wiring we should be able to break up the 50K volts per meter of wire & slow down the event enough to allow more of the voltage to drain off to ground instead of electrical equipment. I do need to get some MOVís ordered up and installed to help with clamping the voltage. This all has been covered in articles so hit the search engine.


Looking down the wall toward the next outlet in the circuit (another double gang box)

I installed a single gang workbox behind the refrigerator for solar power. There are more sharp corners in the wires.

This will all be hidden. It leads in to the wall and up to the outlet below.


Itís marked "ALT"

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