*Coleman Oven*

Product Review

By Jaden

02 February 2004


Back before Christmas I bought a Coleman Oven. It cost me about 30 bux at Wal-Mart. I brought it home and taunted Nerisa "I know what youíre getting for Christmas." She hates waiting so I wound up giving it to her that night. That very night she cooked up an apple pie in it. Came out really good.

This oven is pretty slick.

When itís folded up itís 12x12" square and 2" thick and weighs a couple of pounds.


Donít look like muchÖjust wait till you see what it can do.

Letís set it up.

There are 2 locking tabs. One on the rear top and the other on the bottom front. Pull both tabs up and the stove will expand.


Ĺ way set up

Now flop the bottom down and be sure it seats into the sides. There are a couple of tab insert things on the wall. The floor keeps the wall from bulging like you see in the above right pic.

Putting the bottom down

Then push the front bottom-locking tab in, this will lock the bottom into place.

Now pull the top up and lock the top rear tab.

Pulling up the top

All thatís left is to install the grate. Youíll notice the holes in the walls (below). This is where the grill pops into. There are a couple different heights.

Throw it on your Coleman Stove and get the temperature stabilized. Then put in your victim to cook. More on this in our alternate cooking article.

On the stove @ 425 F.

Believe it or not, thereís an apple pie cooking in there.

If this baby can cook an apple pie it can cook anything. Only downfall is itís small. Canít cram a Tonyís Pizza in there.

See, told ya so.

The first experiment

Iím working on gathering up some sheet metal and then Iím going to build a bigger one that will hold a Tonyís. Will letcha know how that goes.

If you donít have a Coleman Oven, I suggest getting one. Itís definitely worth the investment. Like I said, "If this baby can cook an apple pie it can cook anything. "


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