*500 Watt Equivalent Flood Lights*
By: Jaden
31 January 2007

I bought some floodlights to light up my dooryard. I saw fluorescent ones manufactured by "LightsOfAmerica" on the shelves that were advertised to be equal to a 500-watt halogen fixture. They are rated for cold weather. I was skeptical, but bought some anyway at about $38.00 a pop. Only one way to find out.

The bulb is 65 watts and draws .54 amps AC. A halogen bulb rated at 500 watts draws 4.2 amps AC.


The lights are mounted above the house. The lowest is 15í, the middle is 30í and the top is 35í. I have overlapping coverage around the house.

At first I was extremely impressed with how well they worked. I donít doubt they are equivalent to a 500-watt halogen. They lit up the yard very well.

With all 3 lights on Iím drawing 195 watts or 1.63 amps AC. (Thatís 5 watts less than two ordinary household 100 watt bulbs) 3 halogens would be 12.5 amps. Iím saving 10.8 amps and have PLENTY of light. These fixtures also have a photo eye built in. I set them up on switches. I can turn on the bottom one separately from the top two. No sense using all of them when I only need one.

Facta Non Verba

I originally started using the lights around the first of November 2006. They worked great for a while. Then the lower one quit working maybe a month later. I climbed the tower and changed light bulbs with a brand new one. The light worked again, a couple weeks later it died. Then the middle light quit working. Only the top one is working. I donít expect it to last much longer.

In my opinion, these things are JUNK!!! I wonít be spending any more money buying light bulbs if theyíre going to keep dying. Thatís 3 light bulbs that have died in 3 months.

At work last summer we installed some fluorescent floodlights that are basically a squiggly bulb in a floodlight housing. They are used EVERY night, ALL night and are still working just fine. Iíll be getting some of those and installing them.

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