*Expired Batteries, 4-year Test*
By: Jaden
11 March 2005

Last summer I wrote an article on these batteries. Expired batteries. I dug some more out yesterday and checked them. Mind you these batteries have been subject to subfreezing temperatures this winter. They’ve been stored in an outside shed.


"C" size, Fuji film batteries.

Before installing them in a flashlight I did a voltage check.

A strong 1.58 volts. Nothing wrong with that.

I installed them in the light and turned it on, it produced a bright light. Never dimmed.

Then I immediately yanked the batteries and did another voltage check. 1.55 volts.

The package says "best if used by April 2001". Here it is mid March of 2005 and they’re still going strong. I think I got me a pretty good deal when I bought them.

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