*Front Door Solar Security Light*
By: AirBear
18 December 2009

“It’s extra dark outside & you’re wife or kids are home alone. Suddenly the doorbell rings… They are not expecting company and it’s way too late for normal visitors. They don’t want to turn the porch light on until the visitor is identified. Looking through the peephole reveals only…dark.” You get the idea!!!

While shopping for bargains at harbor freight last week, I came across this solar lighting system. It was regularly $24.99 but on sale for $19.00. I have liked having automatic security lighting at my front door for years now, but have not really found a sufficient, reliable and inexpensive product until now. (Reliable so far anyway ;-) )


Motion-sensitive security light boasts 36 LED bulbs and a multi-crystal solar panel.

I got the one below from Hong Kong a couple years back ($30.oo). Two of its six LED’s quit after just a couple months and the AA batteries had to be replaced about once a week!

The battery replacement alone was enough to motivate me to keep searching for an alternate, more conservative lighting option.

Took all of about 30-45 minutes to get the new solar light mounted and ready for testing. Safety glasses, drill, stepladder and a couple drywall anchors with screws and you’re set to go.

I placed my light on the backside of the entryway pillar so that the light was out of view when someone walks up to the door. They’ll never see it until it comes on behind them.

I routed the 20 some odd feet of wiring from the light unit through the trim up to the roof and then under the edges of the shingles (careful not to break them) to the solar panel mounting location. .

First night ops check…

It's a Go!!

I hope this helps. I’m currently working on more passive and active AO security as $$$$ allows and I’m documenting those also for future articles.


Be Safe & Be Prepared.... Always have a backup.


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