By: Pike
11 December 2006

This is a mobile fuel transfer pump that I put together some time back and just found it while unpacking. I put this together to be able to transfer fuel from vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to jerry can, and most importantly from underground storage tank in a SHTF scenario, or EMP, to ones vehicle and along with any vehicle you may encounter in this scenario. With the need for fuel and NO ELECTRICITY to pump it, you can even get fuel from the tank when it is empty, as there is always fuel that is at the bottom of all tanks that is below the fuel pickup. When you know the tank is empty then you need to pump to a container to check for debris and water. It needs to be settled out then pumped again to your vehicle. After watching the new TV series Jericho it put on the screen what I always knew may happen. Think of all the fuel that is everywhere in all the vehicles AFTER an EMP attack and you have an older NON COMPUTER controlled vehicle that works with points instead of electronics. I have multiple replacement parts protected from EMP to keep my own rig mobile, and this should keep me on the road when many sheeple could be stranded.

You can see in the above picture on the left is the 20 electric cord with the cigar lighter plug in, it runs through a switch that you control at the gas tank when you are fueling up. What I do not show is the 10 wire with alligator clamps I use to ground all the units together, this will prevent static electricity from causing a random spark. I will find it and keep it all together, its in my gear somewhere. In the center is the 12V pump, to the right of that is the fuel filter which is clear to see any debris or water that may pump in. There is an off/on switch to control the flow in lower center. The brass fitting at the top left of the pump is the discharge fitting to go in your tank with a short piece if fuel line. The inlet hose to the right is 8 long and lets you transfer with a short hose to put in the tank to transfer to a can or to your tank. Then below is the rest of the hose to be able to drop down an underground storage tank to pump fuel to your vehicle. It connects to the brass fitting seen in the other pictures with no clamps just a slip fit to stop any possible hang ups inside the tank.


Then I put all these parts together on a " piece of plywood to be able to carry and hang while you are transferring fuel between tanks and containers. This will be a valuable tool when the time comes or you can just use it to transfer your own fuel from your 55gal storage drum to your vehicle or jerry cans and take advantage of lower fuel prices.

I hope this will help you in your preps and save you some time and give you the ability to pump fuel when not many will be able to in a SHTF scenario.

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