By: WhiteWolf

The Military Surplus G-76 DC Generator is a versatile dc generator with up to 30 volts regulated output.It will easily power and charge 24 volt equipment and with an additional 12 volt regulator I find it easily powers and charges 12 volt equipment.The 5 pin plug provides regulated 30 volt output or unregulated output,depending on the connection.

(configuration of pinouts A-E counterclockwise as depicted)

For unregulated output connect positive wire to pin A,negative wire to pin B.

I don't recommend the unregulated output except to bypass the internal regulator to run a 12 volt system through a 12 volt regulator.

For regulated output connect the positive wire to pin D,the negative wire to pin B.

Unpacking and Setup:

This unit folds up nicely in the OD canvas bag it came with.

It has a somewhat perplexing array of folding legs and handles as with most Milspec equipment but any Rubie can figure it out ;-)

(Ready to go!!)

I found this little baby at Ready Made Resources in Tennessee.They're kinda scarce now but if one can be found Bob Griswald at RMR can find it.(1-800-627-3809)or WWW.Readymaderesources.com

It's easily cranked and has good output.Also good exercise in the bunker!!

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