*Gasoline Shelf Life - Part II*
By: Palindrome
07 February 2007

I was going through a few preps this past weekend and decided to rotate a two jerry cans of gasoline that I bought back in January of 2005. I was planning on rotating them every 6 months, but everytime I examined the gas, it still looked fresh, so I wanted to experiment with how long it would keep.

At each 6-month inspection, I treated the gas with Stabil, and would then close the cans back up for another 6 months. I did this for two years on these two cans. Amazingly, when I looked at the gas this weekend, it still seemed completely fresh, and like new. Even as it seemed fresh, I still wanted to rotate out this 2 year old gas while prices are still sort-of cheap.

I did a flamability test and that was fine, so I treated the gas one last time with Stabil before topping off both of my cars with it, and it worked great without a hitch to speak of. Now I can be reassured that 2 year old gas poses no problems as long as you check and treat is on a regular basis. I'm still even amazed at how long gasoline can remain useful even when mostly neglected like the 10 year old (now 11 year old) gasoline mentioned in my first article, Gasoline Shelf Life.

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