*PrePrep Gas Can Prep*
By: Landwire
27 July 2014

Due to a number of reasons with our living arrangements, we may not be able to store certain preps. A house renter may not be able to install solar panels on the roof. Those living in apartments or renting a room have even less options for a secure and safe storage. Another potential thorn is various HOA and/or community rules and stipulation about what you can and cannot store on your property.

Another article has mentioned the concept of preprepping as a way to handle this. The example used was a portable gas can. If you can't store gas, get a portable gas can. On the outside, secure an envelope with the necessary cash to fill it. The empty gas can be stored anywhere you want. In a situation where you need to get gas along with half the city, you have an edge. You already have a gas can and you already have the cash to fill it.

I decided to keep one in the car. I picked up a 2gallon can from the local discount store. Using 3x5 cards, I made an envelope that has $15 cash. I used a 5-dollar bill and the rest in ones. While gas is currently around $4 a gallon, I added more in case of price gouging. My makeshift envelope is attached to the handle of the can with neon green zipties. I chose the green because I already had them and they were the first ones I grabbed from the zip tie collect.

We all should keep at least an empty gas can in our vehicles. Take it step further and add an envelope with cash inside to fill it up.


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