*Charging Gel-Cell Batteries*
By: Jaden
26 May 2005

I had someone ask me about how to charge a gel-cell battery. You can do it THIS way and keep an eye on it with the multimeter or you can cheat. Hereís how I cheat.

I have a $25.00 Schumacher 6/12V 2/4/6amp battery charger. It has all the bells and whistles, reverse polarity protection, incorrect voltage protection and it shuts down automatically when a battery is peaked (fully charged) and then turns back on when the battery needs recharging.

Gel-cells are special. You canít charge them too fast due to the risk of them possibly exploding. Remember, they are SEALED, thereís no vents. Itís not good to speed charge any battery, charge them slow and let them absorb the energy.

12 volts, 7 amp hours

If you have a standard charger without any automation, overcharge protection etc etc it can still be used. Assuming this 7 amp hour battery is dead, you can charge it on a 2 amp charge rate for 3.5 hours. Multiply those and you get 7. Monitor it like War says in his ABCís of Solar article.

The Schumacher does it all for me. I donít have to worry about overcharging smaller batteries.


I can monitor the charging status right on the charger. Thatís the far left lights.

Itís a pretty nifty charger for the price.

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