*Briggs & Stratton 5250 Watt Generator*
By: Tbird157
02 January 2006

Due to the recent ice storm we were with out power for almost one week. I had just bought a Briggs & Stratton 5250 watt generator model 030204. The unit has one 120 volt AC 20 Amp. duplex receptacle and one 120/240 Volt AC 30 Amp locking receptacle and also came with a 25 foot cord that plugs into the 30 Amp receptacle that splits into four 120 volt female plugs. This unit has a 7 gallon fuel tank that was good for over 12 hours of running without refueling and it also came with the wheel kit installed. The following is my schedule of refueling and oil changes on this generator that was brand new with "0" hours on it.

Day 1 - First started at 16:30
First 5 hour break-in oil change 21:30
Refueled 21:30

Day 2 - Refuel at 2:45 Approx. 1 gal.
Refuel at 13:15 Approx. 3 gal.
Refuel at 23:30 Approx. 4 gal.

Day 3 - Oil change 11:30
Refuel at 11:30 Approx. 4 gal.
Refuel at 16:45 Approx. 1-2 gal.

Day 4 - Refuel at 2:00 Approx. 3 gal.
Refuel at 13:30 Approx. 4 gal.
Refuel at 23:30 Approx. 3 gal.

Day 5 - Refuel at 5:45 Approx. 3 gal.
Refuel at 12:30 Approx. 3 gal.
Oil change 19:00
Refuel at 19:00 Approx. 3 gal.
Refuel at 23:30 Approx. 2 gal.

Day 6 - Refuel at 6:00 Approx. 2 gal.
Shut unit down 18:30 with Approx. one half tank of fuel left.

Note: I checked the oil level at every refueling and checked the airfilter at each oil change.

My observation on oil changes was if it was changed under 40 hours the oil was still a clean golden color but the one time it went to 55 hours it had became a little dark. The oil was still translucent but about two shades darker than new. I will now make sure all oil changes will be before 40 hours.

The factory maintennance schedule for this generator is as follows.

First 5 hours
* Change oil

Every 8 hours or daily
* Check oil level
* Clean around muffler, springs and linkages

Every 25 hours or every season
* Change oil if operating under heavy load or high ambient temperature
* Service air cleaner pre-cleaner

Every 50 hours or every season
* Change oil
* Clean and inspect spark arrester, if equipped
* Clean fuel filter

Every 100 hours or every season
* Service air cleaner cartridge
* Replace spark plug
* Clean cooling system

Every season
* Check valve clearance

I would change the air filter more often if operating under dusty conditions but where I was running it at my location I didn't have to worry about dust.

Over all this generator ran 122 hours with out missing a beat with the only shut downs for refueling and oil changes. The unit would run about 3 hours per gallon of fuel and had no trouble running for 12 hours between refueling and would still go for several more hours on the fuel remaining in the tank.

My only complaint with this generator as with most is the noise which I will try to fix with the addition of a small car muffler.

I have no trouble recomending this generator to some one if they don't need something as large as a 8000 watt unit.

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