*Moving Heat*
By: Jaden
20 April 2006

I was having a problem with the heat from the propane heater drifting across the ceiling and into the main part of the house where itís not needed instead of drifting across the living room. Ceiling fans are one solution, but they don't normally move air from one room to another, and I needed to move air from one room to other rooms, not just mix the air in one room.

I used a 115VAC 14 watt fan salvaged form an old GE base radio system, a plug and a couple other small parts. Basically I attached the plug to the fan, then ran a piece of wire through the fanís chassis holes and then hung it on a hook.

The fan is hung above the heater and blows a good amount of air and it's pretty quiet. I could actually feel the warmer air going across the room.

Iím thinking about making another one to try and get air from the main part of the house out into the living room.

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