*Making an Inverter Bracket*

By Eli

22 March 2003


Awhile back I bought a small 300-watt continuous, 500-watt peak inverter. It had no mounting slots so it was impossible to mount it to a vertical surface. Well, fella says… "Time to cure that problem."… "Well fella says" was one of my grandpa’s favorite sayings :o) Fella defined= A person or a fellow.

So anyways… onto more important things.

What it used to look like

I started by pulling the bottom cover off and checking to see if there was enough clearance for screw heads between the cover and the circuit board. There was, so the modification began.

I ripped this bracket thing-a-ma-bob (or whatever it is) out of a computer or something (actually I think it was a UPS) a while ago and just happened to hold onto it. I’m a pack rat. :o) (Note the 303 British standing up against the back wall)

I cut the piece to the right off and hammered it flat. I drilled 2 holes in it and then in the bottom plate. Screwed it all together and checked to ensure that the heads were recessed enough.

Make sure the screw heads can’t touch the circuit board…bad things will happen

What it looks like now. It’s ugly, but it’ll work.


and it does…

I could have just drilled the bottom plate, screwed it to the plywood and then put the inverter on over it, but then it’d be too much of a pain in the butt to remove for other uses.

I have it powering a 34 watt 4’ fluorescent light fixture above the battery bank. Having plenty of light on back up power above the battery bank sure will come in handy if I need to do surgery during a grid power outage.

Welp, I guess that’s about all there is to it.

Safety slogan…Like Be safe and stuff.


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