*Pre-wiring The Spare Inverter*


By Jaden

01 February 2004


I have a Xantrex 1000-watt inverter for a backup to my regular inverter.

I thought it would be a good idea to have it wired up and ready to go. The biggest wire I have is fine strand 8 gauge. According to War’s wire chart I can pull 50 amps of current over 3.6 feet of wire. Let’s see, the inverter is 1000 watts. Divide 1000 by 12 and get about 83. With the inverter maxed out I’d be pulling about 83 amps. I don’t have anything that will max it and at the most I might pull 20 amps. So I figured I can get away with 8 gauge…at least until I can find some bigger stuff. If I need to run a skill saw or something when the power’s out I can fire up the generator.

So I took 6’ of 8 gauge and chopped it in ˝. Then I soldered ring connectors onto 1 end of each of them.

Ringed ends on the power lugs

On the other end I soldered on some gator clamps.


Now if my regular inverter fries all I need to do is go clamp this one onto the batteries.

Also, if I want to go mobile I just need to clamp it onto my truck battery.

So she’s all set up and ready to go when/if needed.


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