*Using A Jump Pack*
By: Jaden
09 October 2008

Ok, your vehicle battery is dead and you have a jump pack, but youíre not sure how to use it. First of all, turn off any electrical loads such as the radio, CBís or anything else.

Lift the hood and locate the battery. There should be a red wire going to the POSTIVE + terminal and a black wire going to the NEGATIVE Ė terminal.

In some vehicles like Dodge Stratus, the battery is buried and not accessible. Those should have a jump start access point. Itís probably in a small square red snap together enclosure. You have to open it up to access the POS. You have to attach the NEG to the engine block.

NOTE: On this battery above, do not pay attention to the big fat yellow and red wires. They are not part of the stock vehicle. They run a large DC load and have been remarked so the colors are irrelevant.

Set the jump pack somewhere where it canít fall on to the motor, get wound up in belts or vibrate off the vehicle

Most packs will have an on/off switch somewhere. Make sure itís off. This will eliminate the change of sparks.

Switch off

Then connect the RED clamp to the POS post and the BLACK clamp to the NEG post. Make sure they are snug and not loose. The more surface area thatís connected the better

My pack has reverse polarity protection in case the clamps should get hooked up backwards.

Securely connected

Now turn on the switch and then start the vehicle.

Switch on

Once the motor is running, turn the jump packís switch off and remove the clamps. Be careful for belts and rotating parts.

Be sure to recharge the jump pack after use and once a month to ensure itís always charged.


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