*The Junk Generator Cart*
Built From Junk
By: Jaden
10 November 2005

The old generator cart was made from conduit and it wasn’t very user friendly. Small hard rubber tires made it hard to roll, the frame made it hard to change the oil w/o making a mess and it was hard to hold the handle and walk because my feet would hit the bottom of the cart. It just wasn’t well designed.

NOTE: I removed the gas tank before welding near the generator.

I used some bed frame angle iron and the front tires of an old lawn tractor and built a new cart. I built the rectangle frame first and then welded the tires to it. Then the feet and handle went together. The tricky part was figuring out where to mount the motor and head in relation to balancing the entire cart. I planned on putting a battery behind the generator head part so that extra weight had to be accounted for. If the genny was mounted too close to the wheels and then a battery behind that, the cart would do a wheelie. :o/ So here’s what happened.


It was a little heavy on the handle end, but once the battery tray went on and battery set in it, the handle got a little lighter. BTW, there are thick rubber pieces between the frame and genny for vibration dampeners.

Then using a small grinder, I rounded all the edges and sharp places. Then commenced to pound the sky blue spray paint to it….hey it was free. I mounted a 30 caliber ammo can for a tool box to carry oil, spark plug and a few tools.


The battery tray is behind the genny head and it counterbalances the cart pretty well with a battery in it.

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