*Portable Power*
By: eXe
27 July 2006

When we lost power a few days ago I wanted to power some things in my store room but I did not feel like hooking up the solar backup or the generator as I knew it was going to be a quick power outage. I decided to move a battery I always keep on trickle charge here into my store room.. It was heavy and was not as easy as I would have liked. I then had to hook everything up.

I decided to make it a bit simpler and add all the things I would need to one battery box. Now the 300 watt inverter and the trickle charger will be mounted on the battery box (Probably with Velcro for now) and the box now has wheels to roll around. I just screwed the wheels into the bottom of the battery box and put a layer of plastic under there.  The wheels cost around $1.15 each from the local hardware store and are pretty common.

It works MUCH better than lugging the battery around and it keeps the battery protected as well. Now when I need power in a room, I can run it down the hallway without the chance of hurting myself or spilling battery acid on my floor. Eventually I will get a bigger inverter but for now this works good. I might also add a second battery as well later in a bigger box.

Just goes to show you, you don't need to spend a fortune to have some kind of alt power. Also this works well for people who can not put up solar panels or live in apartments.  Here is where it normally lives in the house.


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