*Portable Power*
By: Forester
08 September 2005

I asked Mrs. Forester what would you miss if the power went out. Why a light to read my book buy. So in comes the Portable Power Pack. We have used it for starting the car, air up a tire and the lamp tested with a fluorescent lamp. With the fluorescent light it will give about 10 hours of use. Small TV 2.5 hours, and a big one for us is the fireplace fan it will run for 8 hours. To recharge use the AC charger plugged into the wall, or you can recharge from your vehicle as you drive.

Powerpack 300 provides maximum 300 watts of silent household (AC) and DC power anytime, anywhere. Itís a convenient source of power for year-round use and itís ideal for weather emergencies, power outages and car breakdowns. The Powerpack integrates a power source for small AC and DC appliances, an emergency light, and a vehicle battery booster. The 300 Plus model also includes a 17 BAR (250 PSI) air compressor.



Powerpack 300 230-volt AC and 12-volt DC outlets to power most small household appliances



For emergency situations:

For outdoor use:


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