*PRI-G Dose Rates*
By: Northslope
21 October 2008

The purpose of this article is to provide dose rates for treating gasoline with PRI-G prior to long-term storage.

I have provided enough information in this article for you to figure the dose rates for any given quantity of fuel, based on PRI-G's recommended dose rate of (1oz of PRI-G to 16 gallons of gasoline) or (29.57ml to 60.56L of gasoline).

For all practical purposes, please round the milliliter/ounce measurements up or down to make life easier when treating your gasoline. The figures in the following charts have been rounded.

To use the following chart, ounces are the dose rates for gallons and milliliters are used to treat Liters.

The following dose rates are for treating GASOLINE only!

PRI-G needed in ounces or milliliters

Gallons or Liters of fuel to be treated

32 or 946

512 or 1937.92

3.43 or 101.64

55 or 208.17

1 or 29.57

16 or 60.56

1/2 or 14.78

8 or 30.28


5 or 18.92


4 or 15.14


1 or 3.785


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