*Connecting To A Propane Tank*


By Jaden

15 January 2004


If you’ve never connected an attachment to a propane tank, this article is 4 U.

I have a Mr. Heater for backup and run it with 20lb propane tanks.

For this article I’ll use the Mr. Heater.

1st and foremost NO SMOKING!

You only need one tool to make the attachment. An ordinary adjustable wrench works fine.

Make sure the inside of the hole is clean

Attaching to the tank-

Hand tightening

Remember to turn LEFT!

Using the heater or accessory and doing it safely is up to you.

Disconnecting the attachment- should only be done outside.

Then use the wrench and turn the collar to the RIGHT to remove.

Wham bam…you’ve got it.


If you can’t bleed the gas out of the line!!

Wear gloves before disconnecting from the tank. The trapped gas WILL escape. It WILL be cold and if it touches your skin it WILL give you very SERIOUS freezer burn.

I don’t mean the cheap cloth cloves. The gas will go right through them. Use welding gloves or some sort of leather gloves.

Remember…..NO smoking when working around propane!!


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