*Adding Wheels to the Yamaha EF2400iS Generator*
Why carry it when you can wheel it?
By: DeathtoToasters
29 February, 2008

It seems that a lot of people are going for the Yamaha EF200iS Generator... why you ask? It is a great unit! It is very powerful with 2400 continuous watts and 6000 surge (3 second) watts, but it's a VERY QUIET package (53 Ė 58 db).
2manytoyz has done a very comprehensive article on this exact generator. It is in the Alternate Energy Section. I suggest you check that out for more details on the unit.
What I am going to explain here is just how to install the wheels that are available from Yamaha.

First thing is to make sure it is turned off and not running :) (thought I would add that for liability issues)
Second, make sure that the gas tank dial is on OFF! Otherwise you are going to have gasoline all over the place.
Third (optional), If you donít want a scratch or two on the generator, place a towel on the ground before you roll it onto itís back.
(The back is the side WITHOUT all the controls)

Ok on to the wheels...

Here is what the rubber leg footings look like without the wheels:

Here are the wheels to be installed:

And the tools needed to install the wheels:

First thing is to remove the rubber feet with a simple socket wrench:

Second thing to do is insert the new screws into the wheel wholes and start screwing them back in. The new screws use an allen wrench format.

A couple of things to take note of:

You will want to use some Loc-Tite (the temporary one) on the screw threads BEFORE you insert them. With the vibration from the generator, without the Loc-Tite, the screws will fall out.

Also, note in the image above how the wheels are OFF CENTER on the mounting bar. You want to screw the wheels in so that the wheel itself is closest to the outside corner of the generator.

The last thing is to make sure you put both locking wheels on the same end. It does not matter which endÖ.just on the same end.

Everything should take all of 10 min!

Here is a pic of the finished product:

Hope everyone enjoys my first article :)

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