*Apologies From The Rubicon*
By: Warlord
17 November 2005
(UPDATED: 05 May 2006)

I must make apologies from the Rubicon. At the present time we only have so many membership slots available and MANY applicants to fill them... The number of applicants is growing dramatically with the release of the Government's "Influenza plan", that is basically 230+ pages of saying, "In the Event of a pandemic, You are on your own, and will be for a LONG time".

With the threat of H5N1 growing Daily, and the threat of attack on the US by rogue nations and terrorist groups, we have MANY applicants that simply want membership to weather these few events.

The Rubicon is about LONG term survival. We don't plan to live like cave men, we strive to make our homes and retreats work much the same in a disaster as they do right now. We believe that the sudden shock of a dramatic lifestyle change is NOT helpful during a disaster, therefore the same light switch we use to turn on a light right now, is the same switch we'll use to turn on a light AFTER a disaster. We plan to eat the same foods, cooked on the same stoves, etc.

As you can see, this level of preparation takes a long-term commitment... But MOST Rubies are either doing it (Living it), or are well on their way to being able to do it.

Therefore we are ONLY accepting the most motivated applicants as we bring the many new members we have up to speed with the rest of the group.

Again, We only have so many membership slots available, but if you convince us you have a useful skill, are motivated to contribute, and are ready to work toward LONG TERM goals of self sufficiency, We'll MAKE room for you!

Yes, There are MANY, MUCH more advanced articles and Videos and such on the private Rubicon side of the site, but it comes from Rubicon Professionals that work as a team, and it costs them/us many thousands of dollars, and many thousands of man-hours, to track down and test much of the information available in the Rubicon area, so we don't just "Give it out"...

I wish we had room for everyone, but we simply don't. It takes a LOT of time and effort to bring new members up to our acceptable minimums of preparedness, and then begin to take those members MUCH further than they ever thought they could go, therefore we can only accept the applications of the most motivated, Skilled, probationary members.

Again, Apologies from the Rubicon, but we simply can't take in people that are simply applying in a panic, with little to nothing to offer in return. Everyone in the Rubicon area pulls their weight, and that means having the Education and/or Experience, and disposable income to TEST any information we come up with... We can only take motivated applicants that fit this criteria, and that will prepare for the long haul.

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