Survival After A Nuclear Event
By Homesteader
30 July 2004

So you've managed to survive one or possibly multiple nuclear events.

You applied the 3 principles of . . .




so that the fallout effects of a Nuclear Disaster are down to an acceptable level and it is safe to emerge from you shelter, whatever it may be.

(read other articles on this site to help you understand this if you have any doubts about these topics and how to know when it is safe to come out).

What next???

Well, it is really going to depend upon how many, how big and how close these events were and if there were any other types of concurrent or ongoing attacks upon our way of life.

Hopefully you have had some way of monitoring the airwaves, so you know what the current situation is-whether it was with a small portable radio or full-scale Ham receiver, there will be people broadcasting even if national and local public networks have gone down.

Contrary to popular opinion, unless this happened to be a full-scale nuclear exchange accompanied by physical attacks on our soil, this isn't going to be the end of Western Civilization and the beginning of many long years of Nuclear Winter. (Do some research and read reliable data)

Life After Doomsday, by Bruce D. Clayton, PhD ISBN 0873641752
Nuclear War Survival Skills, by Cresson H. Kearny ISBN 0-942487-01-X

We may have some very large-scale problems to contend with, but life for most of the Country will go on in one form or another.


I could write a whole book about survival afterwards.

In fact Survival is what the Rubicon is all about, but for now I am going to give you some questions that will need to be answered in your own mind in order to give you some things to think about, plan for, act upon and test. There are so many variables and circumstances involved in an attack of this sort, that this is about all I can do for the time being in a brief article.


You have emerged from your shelter and decide to have a look-see around your area.

It may be a good idea to be a little security-minded at first. Determine any threats to your immediate survival.

1. Are there groups of people camped on your doorstep? Are they hostile? Have they been unshielded and contaminated? Are they sick? Are some of them dead? Are they in shock? Have they spotted you? Do you know them? Are they relatives? Did you have a way of determining their presence before you emerged?

Hopefully, you were aware of their presence even before you came out and have been monitoring their activities. In any case you are going to have to take some form of action. Whether it be to evade and escape, hide, fight, communicate or decontaminate and heal them. It will all depend upon the circumstances at the time and the resources you have at your disposal and your inclination, but you can think and plan about these things before the fact.

One of the cornerstones of Western Civilization is the God-Given Right to own your own property and to be safe and secure in the same. So if you do own the property these people are camped on, I personally believe it is your right to have them leave or protect yourself, no matter what current law or authority says under the conditions. It is a Right that is unalienable and cannot be taken away by man-made laws or regulations, even if for the so-called good of society.

But do you have Force, Courage and Moral Inclination necessary to do so? And what other types of repercussions may this bring in the future?

2. Are there Natural Threats that need to be dealt with immediately?

Is there blast damage if you were close to the event? Leaking gas or water lines? Sewer damage? Electrical damage? Structural damage to you shelter? Dead or diseased animals that need to be taken care of? Can these damages be contained or will you have to evacuate? Do you have the proper tools and knowledge to deal with any of this damage?

3. Are there any other ongoing attacks or attacks that happened during the nuclear event that you need protection from? Is there a possibility of immediate future attacks?

Will you have to be prepared for chemical or biological attacks? Blackouts and other energy source disruptions; Transportation disruptions; Communication disruptions? Food and water source disruptions?

After you have taken care of any immediate threats, it is time to take a look at your immediate survival concerns. Once again, depending upon circumstances, there may or may not be any infrastructure left in your area.

1. Food and water.

Hopefully, you had enough food and water with you in your shielding area that you aren't coming out starving. You had enough food and water put by that you normally eat in everyday life. Things that were hassle-free to prepare, comforting, nourishing and calorie providing. (see other articles)

The very first thing you need to do is an inventory of your foodstuffs and a calculation of how long they will continue to last. Days? Weeks? Months? How long are you going to be able to hold out without re-supply? What is your best-guess estimate of how long re-supply will take? Are there other sources of food and water you can turn to immediately? Is the water safe to drink after fallout contamination? Are animals safe to eat after fallout contamination (Look it up now if you don't know!)

So you now know how long you can eat and drink using only your own resources. Will you run out of food before help comes? What are you going to do if you do run out?

2. Shelter from the elements

Is your shelter still structurally sound and can you live there? If not, do you have the necessary tools, knowledge and supplies to repair it or do you have to leave; if so, where? Do you have alternate ways of heating and cooling if there are no utilities? Do you have appropriate clothing for working outside in this situation? Appropriate clothing and bedding to stay warm?

3. Medical Care

Is one of your party sick or in need of medical care; Do you know someone who is close enough and that will help or do you have the necessary skills and equipment to do it yourself?

4. Self-Defense

Are you prepared and skilled enough and do you have the equipment, proper force, courage and moral disposition to withstand hostile individuals or groups? In which cases will it be better to hide or escape if attacked? Do you have the skills and tools to do so quickly and efficiently?

5. Sanitary Concerns

Do you have appropriate skills and tools to dispose of human waste? Household waste? Ways to stay clean? Dispose of dead beings? Ways to wash and dry your clothes?


You are well-fed and physically protected for the time being. Now it is time to take stock of and plan for the future.

The first part of your survival has been relatively easy. Now, once again depending upon circumstances, things are going to get a little bit trickier.

1. How long are you going to have to survive without help?

Do you have the supplies, tools and knowledge to be able to grow and continue to grow/raise your own food, and if so how long will you have to do it? How long will it be before you have to break into the freeze-dried stuff? Will you have to change your normal eating patterns and can you do so slowly, safely and comfortably? Are there other food sources nearby to which you can turn?

Do you have the tools, knowledge and equipment to make long-term repairs to your shelter and clothes? Leaky roof? Broken windows? Holes in your knees, elbows and socks? Broken pipes or plumbing? Broken tools?

If someone gets really sick, can you seek help locally? At a distance?

How long will your ammo last? do you have the tools, supplies and knowledge to reload your own; gun maintenance and repair? Alternate self-defense methods?

How long will your cleaning and sanitation supplies last? Will you have to build an outhouse? do you know how? Do you know how to make your own soap? What about other household items (pick up a good formulary and needed supplies).

What about comfort items? Lights? Hot water? Entertainment? Sweets?

2. What future threats are there to your way of life?

Will there be more attacks in the future? Will the authorities clamp down hard on our rights? Will your source of income dry up? Will there be massive raiders and migrants re-locating to your area? Will there be armed vigilantes? Will there be a lack of police, fire and medical services? Will there be riots and general lawlessness? Will there be a lack of Government, martial law or a dictatorship?

3. How can your Area, Community and Country be rebuilt?

Are there any leaders in your area capable of organizing a restructuring? Are there technical people with the skills and knowledge needed? Is there the capital needed? Will the Local, State or National Governments be able to provide assistance? Are there the ways, personnel and means necessary to secure your area from lawlessness and emergencies? Do we want to continue living under the current form of government we now have?

4. How can we stop this from happening again?

Why did this happen in the first place? Was it a random act or intentional? if intentional, what were the real reasons behind it? Can we stop it from happening again? If someone doesn't care about their life, can you stop them from hurting someone else? Are there ways and means we can hit at these organizations financing? Communications? Leadership? Support structure? Are there ways we can better defend our borders? Improve our International image? Educate people? Are there individuals or groups that are so power-hungry that they will mislead others, including Political Leaders to achieve their ends?




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