*Safe room Air Intake Placement*
By: Powder Dry
20 April 2005

With all the talk of possible airborne disease spreading, and putting in of safe rooms, where do you put the intake and what do you use? Well, this could be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. If placed in the wrong place it could allow contamination and filter clog due to dust, dirt, grass (due to not mowing in an emergency), excess spores, water, etc. As you can see above, the intake must be in a well-ventilated, dirt free area. It must also be made out of something that will not let in water. I built mine out of a metal dryer vent. This does not get a second look and is strong. It is placed off the ground and in a place with plenty of cross-breeze for fresh air. It is also placed over my driveway where the area can be sprayed off / decontaminated, to allow a clean environment. Remember to place screen around the intake of the unit to prevent bugs from building a nest in it. Hope this helps you place one more piece of the puzzle.
Powder Dry

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