*Defense perimeter from West Nile and other diseases*
By: Chief
01 October 2005

Best defense for our new insect transferred diseases is a good healthy offence.No chemicals or insecticides

This spring I decided to put a pond in in a low lying section of my 2 acres that held a small amount of water using my excavator. After I was finished the pond was about 300 square feet and 2-3 feet deep. I then put in 20 25 cent gold fish that measured under an inch each. The whole summer they lived in the pond I never saw one mosquito larva in that pond. All other surrounding standing water off my property was loaded with larva.

In these photos you will see I have drained the pond to recover the gold fish for winter. They grew to 3-4 inches and are so fat from larva and other bugs they look pregnant.I never fed them once through the whole summer, all bugs.Out of the 20 I recovered 12. The rest I couldn't find in the mud. I know 2 died for sure through the summer.

I have done this before on a pond half the size and left the fish through the winter ,and yes they did live.

If you live in a bug infested area with lots of long term standing water these gold fish will eat there own weight in larva every day if they could. Just watch one in an aquarium when the kids feed them. Vicious like a shark

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