*Lysol & Paper Currency*
Decontaminating Money
By: Jaden
01 April 2006

The question was raised about decontaminating money during an H5N1 pandemic. Will Lysol effect the currency, will it make it not pass a counterfeit test? Can it be misted in a plastic bag and withstand it?

One way to find out.

Lysol & a counterfeit pen

I marked each bill beside the green stamp. The marker stayed a tan color, which means the bills are genuine.

I held one bill up with a clothespin & lightly sprayed it with Lysol. It was wet to the touch. The tan mark disappeared. I allowed the bill to air dry.

The second bill went into a Ziploc bag. I sprayed some Lysol in there, but not directly on the bill. Again, the mark disappeared. The inside of the bag became wet. Bag was sealed. The bill was in there for 10-15 minutes, removed and then allowed to dry.

Once both bills were dry, I remarked them. Each tested fine.


Bills after the test

If the bills were counterfeit or the Lysol affected the special paper the new mark would have been black as seen on a regular piece of paper.

After sitting over night, I noticed that the tan marks began to disappear, but again tested fine.

My conclusion is Lysol won’t screw up paper currency.

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