*The Dirty Bomb Myth*
By: Warlord
14 December 2003
Updated 11 December 2006

I have heard several times that the only "real" worry for a large part of the country is Bio-war... WRONG

Barring bio (all bets are off at that point) I'd say the terrorists will try to get as much radioactive material into NYC as they can and spread it with conventional explosives. Big deal? It's only NYC and won't effect you?

Here's a headline that I bet you missed last year... because it was supressed and down-played...
"Dirty bombs hit the headlines in May, 2002, when U.S. authorities captured Jose Padilla, an American al Qaeda operative, in Chicago, and prevented a dirty bomb attack."
(Don't take my word for it, there is the information.. name, date, etc... research it yourself!)

Let's think this through folks... what happens when the Geiger counters start clicking in NYC and the reports of "DIRTY BOMB" start spreading?

Right off the bat two things will happen....

1. ALL work around the country will stop or be disrupted as people hunker down.
2. People will FLEE NYC..

....And they will HAVE to flee, I've researched the effects of a large amount of nuclear waste material spread in a town... it's happened before in several places around the world by accident, so we have good documentation on it. Research Goiania, Southern Brazil, 1987 (7MB PDF File from the IEAE on the incident). Over an amount of Cesium Chloride that would fit into a cigarette lighter, they basically had to scrape the entire town down a foot, put it in drums and move the drums to a storage site (Where they still sit today).. Approx. 275 TRANSFER TRUCK loads of dirt alone, Not including the contaminated Homes, Cleanup equipment, and medical gear and Vehicles! MANY people were contaminated, several died... One girl was so highly irradiated that she had to be buried in a lead coffin, and her grave sealed in concrete. MOST of the contamination came from people coming to see the "Glowing blue powder" and tracking it back home on their shoes, clothing and skin.

When people flee NYC, their contaminated vehicles and clothing and personal goods will go with them.. spreading this crap everywhere.

Imagine spreading 1000 lbs. of glitter or Talcum powder over NYC (Cesium Chloride is very much like Talc).. each flake of glitter or Talc is potentially deadly. Everyone starts running away... how far away will they find that glitter? Canada? California? Florida?... HA! You wish... think "Rome, London, Germany", etc etc GLOBAL.

Now.. where do people run when they are scared? They "Head for the hills".. they head for their family that lives in remote places, they head for their cabins and hunting lodges and other remote places they know about.

Along the way they stop for gas, they stop at motels and food joints and hospitals.. all the while spreading nuclear waste behind them....

They won't "Blanket" an area in nuclear waste as they travel.. No.. they will unwillingly concentrate it in spots where other people will be.. gas stations, McDonald's, hospitals, etc. the waste will fall off vehicles and tires and money and clothing and hair and hands of the contaminated people...

Now the Girl at the McDonalds drive through window has nuclear contaminated hands because she touched hands with the guy fleeing NYC, she took his contaminated money... she's MAKING AND DISTRIBUTING FOOD TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! THIS MEANS "TO YOU".. and if it's an Alpha Particle, you're history.

The Contaminated people get gas... then the next people in the little town getting gas touch contaminated pump and door handles and walk where the contaminated car sat.. then you touch your mouth, or eat.. (washing your hands WILL NOT remove all the radiation the first time!!!!) Now the radiation is inside you! Now your shoes are tracking radiation into your car, your office and finally your home.. it's now on your carpets where your children play!

...and while your family is unknowingly soaking up radiation you are watching the disaster in NYC and smugly saying to your spouse "Glad we don't live in NYC!"

So tell me again that a dirty Bomb would be a "Local event"... Where can you SAFELY get gas or food a few hours after a dirty bomb goes off knowing the information above?

How long does it take a driver to get from NYC to your AO? Will you touch something they touched? or walk where they walked? How long would you have to stay home from work to keep from being contaminated by secondary contact? How long with the officials take to declare your area safe? WILL THEY EVEN TELL YOU YOUR AREA IS CONTAMINATED??? If it's an Alpha Material, Will they EVEN KNOW we've been hit right away??? Alpha Particle's waves only travel a few centimeters, we don't have anything that can detect it unless we are looking in a SPECIFIC area with special probes.

The economy will Nose dive again.. no one will want to leave home or touch another person or their money!

Do we Have any Nuclear types here that can tell us what is involved in "Clean up" at a power plant when a microscopic amount of radiation gets loose? I've SEEN it happen... it is just like trying to clean up ALL the glitter from a spilled bottle... it's tracked around on feet and clothing and hands.. transferred to walls and floors and door knobs, and vehicles and money, etc.. then everyone that touches those items spreads it even further.... ALL of it must be cleaned and/or isolated... it is a HUGE mess.

While we're on the subject, I am also thinking about Mounting a remote 717 Ion Chamber under the frame of my truck. Vehicles provide a lot of shielding from radiation, and it may be helpful to know how much Radiation is OUTSIDE of the vehicle during a nuclear power plant leak, or terrorist dirty bomb. If you have already mounted a remote probe on your vehicle, you need only attach your meter to it and drive during a nuclear emergency! If the meter starts rising, you know you are headed in the wrong direction BEFORE the radiation count gets high inside the vehicle where you are.

The sheep won't think this all the way through like I just did for you.. it'll take em a while to figure all this out after the event happens, they'll blindly track the stuff around ... but now YOU know.. so plan accordingly.

Update, 30 November 2006:
People initially scoffed when I wrote this article on dirty bombs... they aren't scoffing now after the London Radiological attack that killed the former Russian Spy, Alexander Litvinenko, in London last week... 33,000+ people are now being looked for to be scanned, 4 airliners out of action, 5 buildings and swaths of streets closed (Maybe for YEARS), 8 cars, and several more people that WILL die soon enough... and they are STILL finding it spread out further and further.. and this was just over Killing ONE MAN with Polonium 210 (an Alpha Emitter).

The Perpetrators EASILY got it on 3-4 Jet liners, into London, out of London, etc, because Alpha particles are VERY short and almost impossible to test for in real world situations. You have to be within a few centimeters of a particle to detect it, so our "Radiation monitors" don't even include Alpha Monitors.

What I wrote back in December of 2003 has now come true, with a vengeance, and this was only a TINY attack, pinpointing the assassination of ONE MAN... Sheeple did EXACTLY as I predicted, and they are finding the stuff all over the country, and spreading ever outward....

From the News, 01 December 2006: "London- Italian professor Mario Scaramella has tested positive for the radioactive poison polonium-210 that killed former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, the BBC reported Friday. Scaramella, who met Litvinenko hours before he fell ill on November 1, had a "significant quantity" of the poison in his urine. The Number of Contaminated sites is now up to 12, and the USA's FBI is joining the investigation as this spreads futher outward."

Now just imagine a HUGE attack that covered a whole city, designed specifically to be Spread and tracked around... Re-read this article with THAT in mind, keeping in mind it was initially written in December of 2003, now that we've seen a real world example, and seen that it CAN and WILL happen.

BTW, the DRGB-90 meters sold by "Annakozub Russian Collectibles" on E-bay WILL pick up Alpha Radiation.. see this article for the Facta Non Verba Experiments on that.

From the News, 11 December 2006: Polonium-210 is now being found as far away as Germany.. a family of four (including Children) in Germany have been found to be contaminated... other associates of Alexander Litvinenko are in comas are or expected to die. This keeps spreading further outward.

We are seeing a real world situation play out just as we predicted it would if a dirty weapon was used. We need to keep this in mind in case America is hit with a dirty weapon.. we are now seeing Facta Non Verba PROOF of how far (and fast) this stuff can spread. As this article states above, there is NO safe place after a dirty bomb goes off.. people fleeing "for the hills and remote areas" will be bringing radioactive or biological material with them, just as is happening with the Polonium-210 case right now.

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