*Drinking tube modifications for the Israel M15 Gas Mask*
28 February 2004

After spending several hours in a full rubber suite and gas mask during last summerís heat, I realized the need for a mask with hydration capabilities. Enter the M15. I was able to procure several new ones, but did not fully understand the drinking tube option when I decided to get them. Next I had to locate a matching canteen. Once I received my overpriced canteen and adapter I realized that this setup was not to my liking. Water flow was too slow and the canteen did not have sufficient give to squeeze. It worked (functioned), but I was not to happy.


Since I cannot leave things alone, I decided to test another option I had been kicking around.

Note: small white 3/8 barb on the end of the drink tube adaptor.

First I removed the drink tube from the canteen top and measured it. It seems a 3/8 "barb connector would fit in the rubber tube just fine. I coupled that to my rubber drink tube for a US canteen I use with a common bite valve. I used the new flexible one quart canteen although a 2 quart would work just as well.

The 3/8 barb is no more than a vacuum line connector you can get at any auto parts store. Once assembled, this works out well. I can even have the canteen on my LBE gear route the line to my shoulder and push on it when you need a drink. You get plenty of water flow with no resistance.


On a 90 degree summer day doing "mild" work in a gas suit and a gas mask, I lost a Ĺ quart of sweat (poured out of the suit). After that all my non-hydration masks became spares. If you own a gas mask, put it on and train with it.

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