*Kvarts DRSB-01 Geiger Counter*
By: MarkinVA
16 June 2006

I received my $20 Kvarts DRSB-01 Geiger counter today. I ordered it on EBay for $19 (search Ebay for DRSB-01). I purchased this device looking for a cheap, easily portable, device to help discern the relative radioactivity of areas and objects. The DRSB-01 is a simple Geiger counter that functions as a Geiger tube and speaker circuitry with the ability to warn of higher than "normal" radiation levels.

I tested the DRSB-01 using a Cs-137, 5.0 : Ci test source (25 months old) and the device is remarkably sensitive. Don't be put back by how cheap the thing looks. The case is black plastic with orange and yellow marking with labels in Russian. The top left corner of the case has slots for the speaker below which there are two lights (red and green). The DRSB-01 takes two AA batteries and is rated at 100 hours per pair of batteries. The unit's dimensions are 1" X 2.5" X 6", about the size of a TV remote and the plastic case is permanently sealed. The rear of the case has a section with holes over the Geiger tube and the battery compartment which has a typical pry-open type lid.


Front -------------------------------- Back

The top, green, light marked ? = (background) goes off with each particle hit and you hear a click each time. The lower, red, light (alert) goes off at "abnormally high" levels of radiation. When I held the radioactive sample next to the part of the case where the Geiger tube sits the green light was almost solid and the red was flickering very fast and the clicks became a steady buzz..
Below the two lights is the on-off switch, marked % (an abbreviation for "turn on).

DRSB-01 with radiation source


During operation I recommend keeping the DRSB-01 in a zip-lock bag to prevent water or radioactive particles from entering the unit. I plan keep this or similar units in my cars and in my office and keep my CDV-700s at home. You may also want to use the translations above to make labels in English.

The DRSB-01 is an inexpensive, light weight yet sensitive unit that is simple to operate. In the near future I will be testing and comparing this unit to other similar units. This unit comes highly recommended but please note that the long term survivability of the unit has not been tested. At approx. $28 each (Including Shipping to the USA, the shipping gets cheaper if you order more than one unit), consider getting several.

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