*Fan in a can for apartment dwellers*
By: Thoth8
10 February 2006

Living in an apartment can cause a lot of problems when setting up a safe room. So what I wanted to do is have positive pressure over the entire apartment.

Now if I could drill holes in the walls that would not be a hard task. But I canít so this is what I did.

First this is my apartment layout.

This is the finished unit the duct tape is just to keep the silicone from getting scraped. Before I cut the whole in the top for the filter and the whole in the front. I put a hard vacuum on it. And it held till I drilled the first whole.

Other than that its mostly a standard fan in a box and ugly as all hell. But passes the banana oil (Amyl Acetate) ampules smell test

As you can see itís a normal filter with some extras.

The prefilter is made up of a pleated hepa filter I just ripped it out of the filter box and wrapped it around my good hepa filter I think I will add some good HVAC filters to it to . but this is what I used and with the standard granger fan I have a lot of good air flow. With all the filters and charcoal. It blows almost the same amount of air.


If I need to I can bring it inside and put positive pressure on just one room.

You canít see it here but the black tube has a screen in the middle of it and it is filled with about 3 pounds of Activated Carbon.


See the other Rubicon articles about constructing a Fan In A Can (FIAC)

What I wanted to show is how it put it through the wall in a apartment.

This is my window pass through this show if from the inside if the apartment. The board has been worked down to make a perfect fit with the window frame

It is in the frame and the window slot as well for security it has metal on all four sides. As you can see from the pictures below.

I plan in the future to drill another hole and but a tube through it and have it open to the out side and hot glue it in a u shape and fill it water so I can see how much positive pressure I have at any one time

Right now I can crack the window 1 inch in the other master bed room by the front door and still have positive pressure in the whole apartment. This will be my quarantine room / sick person room. . They will still have filtered air but we will still be safe in the rest of the apartment.


This view is of the board in the window frame before the window is closed and secured

Hear I have taken the window out so you could see how the window and the board fit together.

With the board in the window you can no longer use the little plastic latch that you lock the window. Thatís ok you should not be using that any way.

But I have window locks on the top and the bottom this view is of the top one.

The window can not be lifted out so it is just as secure as before

The end result is a pass thou that will pressurize my whole apartment in

.with clean out side filtered air. With no permanent wholes in any walls and I can let it run 24/7.

To remove all I have to do is open the locks and remove the board and nobody is the wiser

I have also put up blinds in the patio so no one can see in or see the unit. But if Iím going away for a day or two. I just take the whole thing indoors till I get back.

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