*Fan In A Can - In A Car*
By: Chief
23 April 2005

The subject of a Safe Room in a vehicle has been on my mind for a while and I came up with this.Fan In A Can (pail)In A Car

1) Take a food grade pail and slide a round Hepa filter in till it fits snug(not to tight as it will ruin the filter). Index with a black marker the bottom and top of the filter inside and out then remove the filter.

2) perforate the out side of the pail with a half inch drill 3/4 of an inch inside either index line . On the inside of the pail remove any burs from drilling and put a thick beed of silicone 1/2 inch above the bottom line.Slide the filter in to the index lines, turn pail upside down and put to the side for silicone to set.

3) Install your squirrel cage fan on the underside of the bucket lid(lid must have an O ring for sealing on pail) with screws and silicone. Fans very in size so you may have to fiddle with it to make it fit right. I was lucky, mine fit dead centre.. Do the same on the top of the bucket lid with a toilet flange.

4) now that you have all that done you will need to drill a hole in the side, bottom of the pail and hook up the cord to the fan.In this picture you will see a 15 foot cord, a shop vac hose, a 500 watt inverter, Tuck tape,Lid with fan ,flange, and 2" reducer, and perforated bucket with Hepa filter in it. Now is a good time to silicone the top of the Hepa filter.

5)Here the FIACIAC is installed with the shop vac hose and power cord through the back window then Tuck taped for a seal. It does seal, took me forever to remove the tape off the truck window.

6)All this fits in the Pail for easy storage in the trunk, dry box,or closet.You can put a pre filter over the perforated holes .You can see I put on sheet metal roofing screws to support the Hepa filter on the bottom line(not into the filter itself).

Improvements? I would try to come up with a way of supporting the squirrel cage fan inside a little better too. Its OK for home but extended periods in the box of a pick up might damage it the way it is. Maybe not. Feel free to add to this article.

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