*Franken-Fan Test Results #2*
By: Dementor
20 April 2006

Franken-Fan is my v2.0 FIAC in an insulated wood box.


I got some nice steel ammo cans but my fan did not fit and I ruined one can with the dremel and decided to save the other cans and build a sealed wood box. I scavenged a ton of sanded cabinet and stair grade lumber in the construction dumpsters in my neighborhood (hence, Franken Fan).

It is a 1/4" box inside a framed 3/4" box and 1/2’ polystyrene (the 1/4" box is 4 sides only). I wanted to avoid the tinney whine of the steel can. I also used rubber feet on the bottom and rubber shims under the fan and filter stem. The interior box is lined with 1/4" aromatic cedar planks.







Kill-A-Watt = 0.90A with no filters; 0.82A with two Honeywell 21500’s.




I put a vacuum on it after initial assembly and 1st polye coat. I put a vacuum on it after completely assembled, siliconed, and 2nd polye coat.

After 20 minutes of operation I was not sure if my nose was deceiving me so I took the dog for a 30 minute walk. There was zero vanilla or banana odor when we returned but I thought I smelled coffee? So I wiped down all the counters (I ground the beans in the kitchen), took the garbage out, and washed my hands and took the dog for another walk. I did not smell coffee when we returned.



I am not sure that it did fail?

My first and only test was two hours. The plastic bowed within four minutes and my ears popped slightly after about 12 minutes. The dog was occasionally shaking his head after about 15 minutes (no howling though).

382 CFM is probably too big for my 18K CF space (Grainger 4YJ31). I thought it MAY work because my home is so leaky: aluminum studs, crummy windows, drafty risers.

I bought the fan from a friend in January before I had a good plan. "Gee, it’s bigger, chews less amps, and costs less? Thanks buddy!"

I need to run this test for an entire weekend and seal up different windows and doors to get the right pressure balance. I also need to move it from my office to the spare bathroom, which will increase the safe room by about 900 CF.

I expected this fan to be way too big and was surprised I did not get over-whelming pressure. I need to test it with a manometer. If it tests too big I can give it to my dad and his bigger home.

Franken Fan v3.0 will definitely use the Rubie standard Grainger 4C447 fan.

Hm …a box or can that can accept different fans sure would be nice …maybe a removable face instead of a removable top …so I can both service and replace the fan and gasket??





I live in a condo in the city which incurs lots of traffic. My cousins watch my dog when I travel and my girlfriend snoops everywhere. Franken Fan was designed, assembled, and tested on my kitchen counters during discreet periods. I had to setup and tear-down the workspace with each step.

"What the hail is that?" "A fan." "A fan for what?" "Well honey, as you constantly remind me, the bedroom is always too hot or too cold." "Yes, why is that?" "Because the bedroom is the furthest room from the weak furnace. This new fan will solve all of our problems." "Awesome!"

This will not catch up with me until next Winter if I am lucky J




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