*Important Nuke Info*
By: Warlord
20 July 2004

We like to prepare for worst case scenarios, but let's also tailor responses to REALISTIC expected threats...

This is what *I* plan...

I have run simulations over and over using the nuke weapons the terrorists are thought to have... let's call it between 7 and 15 Kilotons just to be safe.

Assuming they hit major cities, the VAST majority of folks downwind will only have to deal with radiation levels from fallout of 1-5 RADS per hour. Actually 1-2 RADS per hour is what I come up with in every simulation, but let's say up to 5 RADS per hour just to be safe.

At these radiation levels, we DO NOT need 36 inches of dirt between us and it..... 6 inches of dirt would MORE than be enough shielding. 3 inches of brick would stop it.

Remember that the "magic number" is LESS THAN 6 RADS per day... if you can stay UNDER a dose of 6 RADS per day, your body can deal with that.

I know many of us have radiation shelters designed to stop a full dose of the "Cold war standard" of 1024 RADS per hour initially... but REALISTICALLY the vast majority of us will only be dealing with 1-2 RADS per hour AT MOST down-wind of a small thermonuclear blast.

The average basement is enough to shield us from that easily...

Also remember that the 7/10 rule still applies. For every 7 fold hours, the RADS per hour can be divided by 10.

Assuming you got an initial reading of 10 RADS per hour.. in 7 hours the reading would be down to 1 Rad per hour. In 7x more hours (49 hours) the reading would be down to 0.1 RADS per hour, and so on.

If you only got a reading of 1 Rad per hour initially, in 7 hours the reading would be down to 0.1 RADS per hour...

At one Rad per hour, a healthy adult could stay exposed for 6 hours and still be able to heal from it with no ill affects..

At 0.1 RADS per hour you could basically live in it and your body would be able to heal (You'd only be getting 2.4 RADS per 24 hour period).

Most folks could get shielding from 1-2 RADS per hour simply by sheltering under their house (I'd pile books and such on the floor above your sheltering area, but the house material itself would probably be enough to shelter you.)

If you can do better in shielding than that ... DO.. but realistically, for the majority of folks downwind, taking shelter under your house for 2-3 days would be enough... you could make short trips out into the radiation with no ill effects if you are a healthy adult.

You need to know the RADS per hour IN the shelter (Which is why you need a survey meter, AND each person should have a dosimeter pen attached to them).. and you need to know the RADS per hour OUTSIDE the shelter in case you need to go outside to work or get more supplies, etc. For outside readings, an extra 717 Ion chamber mounted outside would let you know the outside conditions without going outside... I think Duck And Cover has 4-5 Ion chambers left for sale (as of this writing) that can be mounted outside with the cords running inside the shelter.. simply connect your 717 to it and you know what's outside.

I really do NOT think most of us need to be ready for 1024 RADS per hour for a terrorist threat. Again, I think most of us should prepare for 1-5 RADS per hour at most... which means you can take shelter in a basement or under your house...

Additionally, EMP is not a major concern with Ground burst nukes. If you are close enough to be effected by EMP, you are TOO close and already have worse problems (Like Prompt high doses of radiation).

Here are some links you need to read and print out... With these links, a 717 survey meter and a dosimeter charger and pens, I think most of us could weather a small nuke incident just fine with what we have (Basements, under houses, etc...)

Some Nuclear Facts

Radiation Chart for use with Dosimeters

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