*NBC Update*
By A USMC Reader

One of the NBC specialists/trainers from the USMC sent me this.. JFYI:

Mr. Williams,
First, let me thank you for such a fine and informative site.  I'd like to offer you a little information in return.

You might want to update your NBC page with actual expiration dates. These dates are some times very hard to find.

The current gloves have a shelf life of 17 years (anything made 1983 or older is bad).

The fishtail boots have a shelf life of 15 years.

The M17 is obsolete. It has been replaced with the M40a1 Field Protective Mask.

The decon kits are M256 (replaced M258) and M291. Both are capable of detecting chemical agents.

Thanks again.

A USMC Reader

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