*Nuke Test #1*
By: Warlord & Dbrown

Test your knowledge with this series of Survival Quizzes. All the answers on this series of quizzes can be found in the articles here at the Alpha Website!

True or false:

1. After an attack, foods stored in cans are OK to eat, but Fruits and other produce should be avoided

2. At a radiation level or 100Rads per Hour (R/hr) you will die instantly if you go outside.

3 At a rad level of 5-10 R/hr a healthy adult can stay outside 4 hours a day with no ill effects.

4. At a rad level of 1-3 R/hr you can pretty much ignore radiation dangers to the body.

5. People with Radiation sickness should be avoided since they present a danger of making you sick too.

6. Small children can help with the task of monitoring radiation levels with a survey meter

7. If your survey meter has an extension probe (like the CD 717's) you should lay the external probe outside of the shelter on the ground.

8. A survey meter's meter shows the number of rad's you will get in an hour's time.

9. A dosimeter is a large hand held unit used for checking hot spots outside

10. A dosimeter shows how much total radiation you have accumulated between each re-zeroing.

11. Five days after fallout, the meat of cattle should not be eaten, but the milk is safe to drink.

12. Each day after fallout arrives, the radiation levels will drop 15 fold.

13. Clothing with fallout on it must be burned and the person wearing them must be decontaminated with chlorox.

14. It will be approx 100 years before farming can resume in areas contaminated by fallout.

15. If exposed to 50 R/hr for one hour I will develop cancer later on.

Test Answers
Warlord & Dbrown

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