*Nuke Test #1 Answers*
By: Warlord & Dbrown

1. After an attack, foods stored in cans are OK to eat, but Fruits and other produce should be avoided-
False - produce are already dead, so long as they are washed to remove any A/B from their surfaces they should be OK,

2. At a radiation level or 100Rads per Hour (R/hr) you will die instantly if you go outside.
False - it depends how long you are outside, you will only get 100Rads if you are outside for the entire hour.

3 At a rad level of 5-10 R/hr a healthy adult can stay outside 4 hours a day with no ill effects.
False - at levels of 2-10 R/hr periods of less than one hour per day are considered the MAXIMUM acceptable dosage and only for NECESSARY work.

4. At a rad level of 1-3 R/hr you can pretty much ignore radiation dangers to the body.
False - At any rate over 0.5 R/Hr the body must be allowed time to rebuild damaged tissues and cells between doses. At 0.5 to 2 R/Hr, a MAXIMUM exposure of under 5 hours a day is recommended.P

5. People with Radiation sickness should be avoided since they present a danger of making you sick too.
False - if they have been washed off to remove fallout the radiation sickness itself is not contagious, but they will have weakened immune systems and might contract something that then in its more concentrated form (replicating in their body) could infect you, but for the most part, no.

6. Small children can help with the task of monitoring radiation levels with a survey meter.
False - they are lower to the ground, meaning they will read higher than average levels and will get more exposure per time then adults will, inside a shelter I'd say OK since everyone is more or less being exposed to the same levels. The fallout isn't "IN" the shelter.

7. If your survey meter has an extension probe (like the CD 717's) you should lay the external probe outside of the shelter on the ground.
False - it should be at waist level same as a hand held meter.

8. A survey meter's meter shows the number of rad's you will get in an hour's time.
True - assuming RAD/REM is the same.

9. A dosimeter is a large hand held unit used for checking hot spots outside.
False - a dose meter is a pen sized meter to show TOTAL exposure for an individual

10. .A dosimeter shows how much total radiation you have accumulated between each re-zeroing.
True - assuming you have worn it.

11. Five days after fallout, the meat of cattle should not be eaten, but the milk is safe to drink.
False - while the meat may be safe to eat with no short term ill effects, the milk will probably be highly contaminated after the animal has eaten contaminated food for a few days.

12. Each day after fallout arrives, the radiation levels will drop 15 fold.
False - every 7 days the levels drop by a factor of 10 hence 2 weeks will see a 1K fold reduction in rad levels, assuming a non dirty bomb is used.

13. Clothing with fallout on it must be burned and the person wearing them must be decontaminated with chlorox.
False - the clothing can be kept someplace else, the radiation level on it will drop just like the radiation elsewhere, chlorox won't kill radiation, it isn't alive, but a diluted mixture might be a good idea for hygiene purposes.

14. It will be approx 100 years before farming can resume in areas contaminated by fallout.
False - some isotopes will persist and some will get concentrated in plants but you can eat it(possible long term cancer effects but nothing that is immediately life threatening, like starving to death.)

15. If exposed to 50 R/hr for one hour I will develop cancer later on.
Trick Question. Depends on your health, multi-factoraly dependent on too many variables.
Warlord & Dbrown

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