*Nuke Test #2*
By: Warlord & Dbrown

True or false

1. After an air burst, one should plan to shelter for at least 2 weeks while fallout levels die down.

2. HEPA filters are needed in Shelter air intake vents to filter out radiation from fallout.

3. They body is better able to handle an acute dose (instant dose) of radiation than a long term dose.

4. Genetics plays little role in the body's ability to handle doses of radiation.

5. If your group accumulates an hour's dose of radiation At 600R/Hr, you can expect half of the group to die within 2 weeks.

6. After a ground burst, Water in streams will be unsafe to drink for several months.

7. If a 2 Kiloton burst destroys everything withing half a mile, then a 2 megaton burst will destroy everything within 20 miles.

8. During times of tension, You can expect about 30 minutes warning from civil Defense authorities before a nuke attack.

9. If a nuke attack is expected, you can monitor EBS alerts on your weather radio.

10. It would take about 20 nuclear weapons in the 2 megaton range, burst high in the atmosphere, to knock out electronics over the whole USA.

11. After an atmospheric burst of 2 megatons, it would be safe to leave your shelter within a day.

12. A basement shelter with concrete or brick walls will protect you from the blast of a nearby nuclear weapon.

13. There will be fires raging up to a half mile from any ground burst.

14. A MASSIVE nuclear war would cause a "Nuclear winter" which would block out the sun for a minimum of two years.

15. A 2 megaton ground burst would create a circular pattern of fallout that can stretch for over 50 miles.

Answers to Nuke Test #2

Warlord & Dbrown

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