*Quarantine Commo*
By: Warlord
01 April 2005

If a pandemic is raging, the LAST thing you want to do is open the door to a visitor... I like being able to "answer the door" from several rooms away... that way if the visitor doesn't like what you have say (like "No, I don't have any food to spare"), then they can blast away at the door to their heart's content without hitting anyone inside the house.

One such method of commo is a simple wireless (or wired) intercom system.

I also like to SEE who is out there, along with any buddies that may be Hiding beside the house, or door, just out of sight... I plan to stick a military field phone out front and commo that way. We have a camera aimed at the front door.

What's your plan for dealing with the potentially sick people that come to your house?

After long thought, I have decided that my Idea about a quarantine sign may NOT be the best Idea.. then other people in Quarantine "for real" may figure you are sick too, so it won't hurt to FTF with you.

Have a way to talk to people that may come to your house during a pandemic that does NOT expose you to an potential danger.

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