*Radiation Reporting/Monitoring*
By: Warlord
10 October 2006

Since N. Korea tested a nuke, Several Rubies have been using their DRGB-90's To monitor Radiation in their Area.. IF any were to show up, We'd expect it to show up on the west coast first, since the Jet Stream over N. Korea is flowing over N.K. and up to AK, then down to Washington State... It looks like it would take 4-7 days for any radioactivity to reach the West coast, and supposedly no radioactivity was measured from the blast area, but better safe than sorry.

(Picture Credit Unknown)

Here is an excerpt of what "Normal Background Radiation" for different areas should be:
At sea-level, the average radiation level is approximately 0.03 microsieverts (3 microrads) per hour. As the altitude increases, the radiation exposure increases exponentially. Mexico City, 2240 m above sea-level, is exposed to about 0.09 microsieverts per hour (9 microrads); La Paz (in Boliva, South America) - the highest city in the world - has radiation of about 0.23 microsieverts per hour (23 MicroRads.

This is GREAT practice for us with members all over the USA monitoring their radiation levels nightly.

(Rad Levels on 10-8-06 - Approx. 9 Micro-Rads)


(Rad Levels on 10-9-06 - Approx. 7 Micro-Rads)


(Rad Levels on 10-10-06 - Approx. 7 Micro-Rads)

I tested my DRGB-90 when it came in on a known 2 MilliRad Check-Source... On the X10 scale it reads 2 millirads, so I know it's working properly and is calibrated.

(a 2 Millirad Check-source on a V700 Geiger Counter)

(The DRGB-90 showing 2 milli-rads on the X10 scale. On the X1 scale it reads in MICRO-Rads)

Again, This is good practice, especially with world tension over nuclear weapons, Nuclear enrichment, and terrorist threats.

Each night we simply report our Micro-Rad readings for our area on the main board, and then we have a decent sampling from all over the USA and will know the INSTANT anything changes.

Also, the Rubicon News Crew monitors Seismic events in the area of North Korea, and they can pinpoint a blast and tell the difference between a "Blast" and a "normal earthquake".

(Sample Blast/Quake comparison - Picture credit Unknown)


(Seismic chart during the N. Korean Nuke Test - Picture Credit Unknown)

We may not be able to depend on the Government to warn us of a radiological event, but Rubies will know thanks to our Intel Sources, Rubie News Crew, and Rubies around the world monitoring and reporting! Then we can do as we did during this test and alert Rubies with the Rubicon Wireless and E-mail Alert System.

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