*Safe Room Door*
By: eXe
26 February 2004

I was thinking of a way to make setting up a safe room faster so I came across this idea after some discussion on the Rubicon.  This way seemed the fastest to do and gives the best protection without doing anything permanent to your safe-room.  I gathered what I would need for this project at the local hardware store, Some 2x2 wood, plastic sheeting (6 Mil), finishing nails and some metal pipe tape. I think it came to a total of 22 dollars, not bad.  I was going to make a frame with plastic pre placed on it so making a safe room would be almost instant when needed.

Step one, cutting the wood and making the top. I used small finishing nails to attach the top piece to the sides then a wrap of metal plumbers tape to secure it further. I added another piece of wood under the top piece for added strength.

Quick fit check to make sure it fits, looks good.

After doing this I added the plastic, using a staple gun to secure the plastic at first, Later more tape was added over this area.

Ok now tape will be added along all sides since its all stapled up. This helped make the fit in the doorway better and made for a neater look

Let's test fit it once again to make sure it works..

Looks good on top, checking the bottom now..

Perfect fit

Here is what it looks like from the other side.

Now if I need my safe-room all I have to do is place this in the doorway, tape up the edges, and fire up my fan. Notice on the bottom of the frame, I have not yet cut a fan hole and have some extra plastic. I will test the fan out in the room and see how well it works. I have already tested this room with the fan before by just sealing the door up with plastic, but this way I pre-position my safe-room without much work and be ready at a moments notice.

This was very simple to do and can be done with the most basic of tools. It will possibly save me time when TSHTF and I need a positive pressure safe room fast.


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