*Survival Quiz #3 Answers*
By: Warlord & Dbrown

1. An appliance that pulls 10 amps from a 12 volt supply is using 100 Watts of power
False - I - P/E It is using 120 watts of power (10 amps x 12 volts) (Power Wheel)

2. You should avoid contact with people who may have been exposed to a chemical terrorist attack to avoid the contagen.
True - While chemical agents aren't contagious like viral diseases, some types persist on the skin of the victim and contact with some types, mustard gas and VX especially, can be secondary contaminates... if you touch a victim you run the risk of getting burned also. The less exotic Nerve gasses no, since they evaporate quickly.

3. Two 12 volt, 150 amp/Hour batteries hooked in parallel will give you 24 volts and 300 Amp/Hours of power.
False - hooking in parallel will up the AMPERAGE (to 300amp/hour) but leave the voltage at 12 volts. (Battery Connections)

4. When building a safe room, the filter fans should make the plastic used for sealing doorways suck into the room, this means that safe filtered air is being drawn in.
False - you want air sucked into the room through the filter so that there is more air comming into the room THROUGH THE FILTER, this will cause positive pressure in the room and the plastic should buldge outwards.

5. A virus can usually be cured with the proper anti-biotics.
False - antibiotics disrupt bacterial cell wall synthesis and DNA relpication or RNA translation, Since virus use our DNA machinery to replicate antibioitcs are not effective.

6. A 9mm handgun can also used 38 special shells in an emergency.
False - 9mm is headspaced on the forward rim of the bullet, .38's are a rimmed cartridge and headspace on the rear rim, the lengths are different.

7. MOPP gear is an effective means of protecting yourself in the event of a chemical attack.
True - if used with a gas mask, they are charcoal lined.

8. American made NATO standard Gas masks must have a filter adaptor if you plan to use the filters from a current issue Israeli gas mask on them.
False - they both use 40mm NATO standard threads (Interchangability between equipment of different NATO country armies is the purpose of "Nato Standards")

9. To avoid breathing contaminated air inside your home during a bio-attack you should change the filter in your central air conditioner and turn it on to filter out bio-agents that may be in the air outside.
False - The filters actually work better whe dirty anyway so changing them (if they were NBC rated) wouldn't do any good anyway. Most AC sucks air from inside so it does no good filtering outside contaminates. also the seals on home climate control systems arent good enough to be efective if that were the case. Make sure the AC/Heat is shut off and the vents sealed with plastic so that contaminants don't mak it in.

10. A 100 Watt solar panel will charge a 12 volt 116 Amp/Hour battery in about an hour and 16 minutes.
False - 100watts/12 volts = 8.333 amps... 116 amp/hour divided by 8.333 = 13.9 hours (Usually about 20% less since a battery is never fully dead) (ABC's of solar power and batteries)

11. Biological attacks are more dangerous on bright sunny days.
False, UV light, dry conditions, and wind all kill/disperse bio agents

12. If you suspect a break in at your home in the middle of the night, you should check the intire house while holding your pistol well out in front of you.
False - If the children are in no danger, call the police. The intruder probably knows where you sleep, all he has to do is cover the door to the bedroom and wait for the knob to turn (Which is why hallways are called "Fatal Funnels"). If searches MUST be done in close quarters the pistol should be held close into the body in a "compressed ready position" depending on the suituation.

13. If forced to fire at an intruder in your home, you should use a shotgun because the pellets won't penetrate walls, which reduces the chance of harming people sleeping in other rooms of the house.
False - Instead of one projectile penetrating the wall (pistol or rifle bullet) you now have MANY projectiles penetrating the walls. KNOW THE FIELDS OF FIRE IN YOUR HOME! Personally, if someone is in our house and the kids are safe, I'll let Mr. Policman earn his salery and come check the house (I have less money invested in him than in my kids ;) If *I* have to check the house, it's me and Mister Remington 870... but there are NO angles in our house at which we could fire on an intruder and hit the kid's room.... the layout of the house prevents an intruder being in line between us and the kid's room, or viceversa (he can't hit the kid's room while firing at us)

14. Boiling water is an effective method of purification
True - 212 degree water, Held at a rolling boil for 5 minutes will kill all known bio agents except prions (mad cow, BSE)

15. A bic lighter is better for starting fires in the winter than a fire steel sparking firestarter.
True - if in extreme cold temps, warm the lighter under your arm pits first.

16. If a hot piece of metal hits a bic lighter in your pocket, it can explode like dynamite and even blow off your leg.
False - the det speed is not fast enough or the propellent in sufficient volume to remove a limb. Its compressed gas, not HE. (This is an old urban legend.. about the welder losing his leg due to a spark hitting his bic lighter)

17. A 500 Watt inverter will run a Home desk top computer, a Monitor, AND a 27 inch TV set.
True - modern appliances use MUCH less wattage than their older counterparts.. Desk Top Computer w/ 17 Inch Monitor, 200 to 270 Watts (usually about 220 watts on average)
27" Color TV, 160 Watts with enough left over to run two 60 watt light bulbs. (Power Article)

18. A gas mask filter will not filter out anthrax spores
False - NBC rated filters are HEPA filters and will filter in the 2-10 micron range, the size range of most "weaponized" anthrax.

19. A Bov that can go 415 miles on 23 gallons of gas will go 512 miles on 26 gallons of gas.
False - 23/415 = x/512 (23x512=11776, 11776/415= 28.3 gallons needed (Ratios and proportions article)

20. There is no treatment for radiation poisoning.
(Trick Question) Yes and no, blood transfusions can replace killed blood cells and agressive antibiotic threapy can help a weak immune system if the cellular/tissue damage is extensive then I don't think anything will help.
Warlord & Dbrown

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