*Survival Quiz #4*
By: Warlord & Sentinel

1. How many inches of dirt should be over your shelter for an acceptable level of protection from radioactive fallout?

2. True/false... The most dangerous effect of the average snake bite to a healthy adult is infection.

3. The average distance a 2 meter hand held radio will talk in simplex mode is:
A. 2-4 miles
B. 5-10 miles
C. 10-20 miles

4. True/false... An ABC rated fire extinguisher can be used on gas fires.

5. True/false.. Small pox is nearly 100% fatal

6. How much water is recommended per person per day for drinking purposes in a shelter situation?

7. True/False.. radioactive fallout can simply be washed off fruit.

8. True/false. A 1964 silver dime containing 90% silver is worth about 2 dollars.

9. True/False...A 100 watt Solar panel will run the average household or retreat.

10. True/False.. A.M. and Shortwave Radio stations are more difficult to pick up at night.

11. List a few ways that you could possibly get emergency treatment from a doctor during a country wide bio emergency

Survival Quiz #4 Answers

Warlord & Sentinel

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