*Survival Quiz #4 Answers*
By: Sentinel

1. How many inches of dirt should be over your shelter for an acceptable level of protection from radioactive fallout?
36 inches provides, what the Government says is, acceptable coverage.

2. True/false... The most dangerous effect of the average snake bite to a healthy adult is infection.
True - Few snakes have enough poison to kill a healthy adult outright, but most snake bites result in an infection.

3. The average distance a 2 meter hand held radio will talk in simplex mode is:
A. 2-4 miles
B. 5-10 miles
C. 10-20 miles
B 5-10 miles

4. True/false... An ABC rated fire extinguisher can be used on gas fires.

5. True/false.. Small pox is nearly 100% fatal
False - VERY False.

6. How much water is recommended per person per day for drinking purposes in a shelter situation?
1 gallon (more for bathing, etc)

7. True/False.. radioactive fallout can simply be washed off fruit.
True - But it's a good extra precaution to peel the fruit also.

8. True/false. A 1964 silver dime containing 90% silver is worth about 2 dollars.
False - It's worth about 25 to 40 cents.

9. True/False...A 100 watt Solar panel will run the average household or retreat.
False - (usually) It depends on your usage, but the average household uses in excess of 2KWs of power per day.

10. True/False.. A.M. and Shortwave Radio stations are more difficult to pick up at night.
False - You can pick up most AM and shortwave radio stations MUCH better at night.

11. List a few ways that you could possibly get emergency treatment from a doctor during a country wide bio emergency
Contact with ham radios to barter for treatment or advice. Know a doctor or have one available on your team or in your area. Have your own medical supplies for the doctor to use, and/or barter your extra supply for their skills. Offer to safeguard a Doctor friend's family (and themselves) in your shelter during the emergency.

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