*Water Storage Containers*


By Jaden

12 February 2004


There might be some people out there who might wonder what to store drinking water in. Let me throw out a few ideas.

1st of all, make sure your containers are CLEAN before filling them with drinking water.

2-liter (1/2 gallon) soda bottles work good. They’re tough and won’t break if dropped. The covers screw on so therefore they can’t fall off.

Be careful here!! Make sure you wash the jug out with warm soapy water. Squirt some dish soap in there, put in some water, cap it and shake it all about. Then just keep rinsing. It’ll take a few times to get all the soap bubbles out. Be sure to wash the cap too. You don’t want any milk residue left in there.

These covers screw on too.

We have a few 6-gallon jugs from Wal-Mart. They have a spout too. These jugs are easy to use.

Water coolers work good too. You can stack ‘em which is a benefit. The orange one holds 6-gallons and the silver holds 5-gallons.

If you’re really desperate for containers, small bottles work too. They’re just a real PITA.

Do whatever works for you!


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